Surg+Restore with Ojos Feos on KGW Channel 8

Dr. R. Scott Brown was fortunate to be interviewed by Ashley Korslyn on KGW Portland Today Show’s segment “8 Heroes.”  Dr. Brown is the president and founder of a Surg+Restore, a 5-1 c 3 charity that is funding the training and education of Sierra Leone’s first 2 reconstructive/plastic surgeons and anesthesiologists.  He is also the music director and band leader of  Ojos Feos, of which he plays  music under the stage name of Robbie Cree (in honor of the Cree Native American tribe who’s reservation is just outside of his hometown of Havre, MT).   After the charity interview,  Ojos Feos, one of their original compositions, De Monki Waka, written in Sierra Leone Krio and depictiing social injustice and human rights in sub-Saharan Africa.

Ojos Feos LIVE, KGW Channel 8


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