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Sierra Leone Physical Therapy Trainee sets off for India for next stage of training

Surg+Restore, along with ReSurge Africa, would like to wish our physical therapist student at the Holy Spirit Hospital in Makeni, Sierra Leone, Balansama Janneh, ‘Bon Voyage’ as he leaves Sierra Leone and embarks on his 4 year BSc in Physical Therapy at SRM University in Chennai, India. Bala has already completed a training placement at […]

Surg+Restore partner receives honorary degree

Dr. Raja Sabapathy is a partner with Surg+Restore and ReSurge/Africa.  He is the medical director of Ganga Hospital and Teaching Center in Coimbatore, India.  His medical center aids in the education and training for certain aspects of our reconstructive surgery and anesthesiology residents as well as our nurses and physical therapists. ite blog update

Abdul, Boy Soldier

  Our surgical team encountered Abdul, a 19 year old former boy soldier.  Seven years earlier, at the ripe age of 12 years old, he was shot in the heal while serving in the infantry for rebel group, the United Revolutionary Front, during the 12 year Sierra Leone Civil War, commonly referred to as “The […]

Happy New Year from Surg+Restore

Happy New Year from SURG+RESTORE (501 c 3) Dr.’s Abduli Jaloh and Eric Wongo are currently training, in Ghana, to return to Sierra Leone as the country’s first and only Reconstructive and Plastic Surgeons. Along with ReSurge/Africa, Surg+Restore is completely funding their training and education. Your tax deductible donations are appreciated.

SURG+RESTORE Medical Mission to Sierra Leone 2016 Day #4

The primary cause which leads to the recruitment and proliferation of boy (child) soldiers in Sub-Saharan Africa is poverty.  Even when taking into account other factors such as “war” itself, availability of small and light weight weapons, lack of education, displacement, orphaning or kidnapping, it is poverty that is at the root of these circumstances.  […]

SURG+RESTORE Medical Mission to Sierra Leone Day #2

Oporto!! Oporto!!  The words ring out like music.  The first European settlement in present day Sierra Leone was in 1495 by the Portuguese.  After the American Revolutionary War the British evacuate thousands of American slaves and settled them in England and Canada.  They founded a settlement in Sierra Leone and eventually sent thousands of these […]

SURG+RESTORE announce new Board of Directors for 2016

Surg+Restore, a registered 501 (c) 3 charity since 2012.  In collaboration with the United Kingdom charity, ReSurge/Arfrica, the 2 charities are funding the training of the physicians, surgeons, nurses and therapists to support Sierra Leone’s first and only Reconstructive and Plastic surgery program.  This department will eventually be self -sustainable and a leader in medicine […]