ABOUT the Program

S+R_HP_logoSurg+Restore was formed and given official 501(c)3 status as a charitable non-profit organization in January 2013.  Surg+Restore works in partnership with ReSurge Africa, a non-profit foundation from the United Kingdom.  Currently 100% of our funds a directed to forming, financing, training and educating native Sierra Leonean medical personnel to maintain a sustainable Reconstructive Plastic Surgery and Burn Center in Makeni, Sierra Leone.

Our goals are to train two plastic surgeons and two anesthesiologists to support the center.  Additional funds are being directed to construct interior and exterior supply buildings/areas, a teaching classroom, professional nursing instructors and medical supplies and equipment.

ABOUT Sierra Leone

Sierra leoneSierra Leone has just emerged from a devastating civil war, which ended in 2003.  The country suffered a near total destruction of it’s infrastructure and education system.  Less than 25 surgeons serve a population of over 6.25 million.  Basic access to routine medical care is largely absent for the country’s working poor and the literacy rate hovers around 30%.  Although it has seen ascension in the last couple of years, the country remains one of the ten poorest countries in the world and has one of the highest rates of maternal and newborn mortality.

Surg+Restore has envisioned, at least, a 10-year commitment for self sustainability in Sierra Leone.  Private donations are essential to train our physicians, for as little as $800 US a month.