Leadership Bios

IMG_2047R. Scott Brown MD, MPH

Dr. Brown is board certified in both anesthesiology and interventional pain medicine and he holds a Masters  Degree in International Public health. He is a veteran of over 25 international medical missions in 5 continents.  Dr. Brown is an assistant professor of anesthesiology at Oregon Health Sciences University and was the former medical director of OAG Interventional Pain Consultants.  Dr. Brown is    president and founder of Surg+Restore and is on the board of directors of ReSurge/Africa and the chairman of the physicians division of the Oregon Public Health Association.  A native of north central Montana, he developed his desire to work with the underprivileged and marginalized, witnessing the plight of Native Americans in his hometown and the surrounding reservation lands.  He is also the band leader and music director of the Afro-Latin Blues group, Ojos Feos and the acoustic latin band, Flor de Cana.  Many of his compositions are in reference to social injustice in Africa and Latin America. He speaks Spanish, Russian and Sierra Leone Krio.

To contact Dr. Scott Brown, please email care@surgandrestore.org


Alicia Johnson


Alicia is a certified public accountant practicing in the Portland area and serves clients across the Northwest.   In her practice she focuses on taxation, small business development, and non-profit reporting.  Before steering into the world of public accounting, Alicia worked with the humanitarian non-profit Mercy Corps, and later the Pacific Northwest College of Art.  In addition to working as an accountant, Alicia teaches yoga at several studios within the Portland area.


Aminata Sei

African Community Outreach

Aminata R. Sei (Mimi) is a Sierra Leonean-born aspiring writer, and activist who resides in Portland with her husband and three teenagers. She is currently Vice President of the Catlin Gabel School
Parent/Faculty Association and sits as member of the school’s Board Inclusion and Diversity Committee.  A graduate of the Anderson Schools of Management of the University of New Mexico. Mimi lived in
China for four years, and was president of the Parent/School Partnership at the Dalian American International School.  She is passionate about Inclusion and Equity efforts, especially at educational institutions and is vested in creating safe and welcome spaces for all to learn and grow as a community.  She is currently working on a compilation of short stories that will chronicle her lived experiences, from Africa, America and Asia. Giving back to her native Sierra Leone is also a keen interest. Ever present in her mind is the significant disparity in standards of living between global north and south countries, and she is committed to bridging these gaps. She is an avid reader, a lover of music and all things African, a
wine enthusiast, and is always happy to speak in her native Temne, and Krio.  She also manages
Chinese…at least enough to not get lost in Beijing!

unspecifiedMireille LaFont


Mireille was awarded her Master of Public Health with a focus in health disparities from Oregon Health and Science University in 2012 and received a Bachelors of Science from Portland State University.  Ms. Lafont’s interest in global health derives from the belief that we are inextricably linked and that improving health, health equity and alleviating human suffering is a shared responsibility that benefits all human beings. Her past experience in international health includes program development with a global health agency focusing on water supply and sanitation in Les Anglais, Haiti.  Ms. Lafont also serves on the Board of Directors for Oregon Public Health Association (OPHA) and is an active member of their policy committee.  As OPHA’s Board of Directors policy representative, she raises awareness of the gaps and barriers in healthcare, education and economic opportunity for communities of color and advocates for polices and programs that promote equity.


  Amber Zupancic-Albin

  Legal Counsel

Amber Zupancic-Albin, JD, BSN, RN started her career as a registered nurse in the critical care and cardiac units in a major hospital setting.  Fascinated by the intersection of medicine and the law, Amber obtained her law degree in 2008.  She is now a health care attorney and represents physicians and health care providers in medical/legal matters.  Amber has her own law practice, Zupancic Albin Law, P.C., based out of Lake Oswego, OR.

Gaia Lyle

Multimedia Director

Gaia is an International Studies major at PSU with a background in photography. She has worked and volunteered for organizations such as the National Network for Immigrant & Refugee Rights in Oakland, CA, the post-Katrina relief organization Common Ground in New Orleans, LA, and Planned Parenthood in Portland, OR. Gaia plans to continue focusing on humanitarian work both at home and abroad. She has lived in many places including Valparaíso, Chile, where she lived for two years as a musician. Her band is called Ripe Red Apple and she co-owns the Portland-based indie record label called La Villa Recordings.


Jane Foreman BSN, MHA

Grant Writer

Jane, now retired, had a 25-year career in healthcare as an RN and healthcare administrator. She received her Master of Health Administration from Duke University in 1984. She has worked with over a dozen nonprofits in several capacities (including executive director and board member) for many years. Jane has traveled to Africa twice, and is inspired by the spirituality, values and resourcefulness of its people. She is passionate about helping the people of Africa, who are some of the neediest and most deserving in the world.

Jimmie ThomasJimmie Thomas, MBA

Community Outreach
Jimmie is current President and CEO of Peak Medical Northwest and Zon Compounding. Jimmie has 10 years of high-level corporate business experience with a seven-year focus in medical device sales and development. Jimmie’s passion for innovation and entrepreneurship has led him to be involved in several medical start-up projects during his professional career. Jimmie obtained his BA in Public Relations from William Penn University in 2003 and his MBA in Marketing from AIU in 2006. Jimmie spends his free time coaching high school football and working with non-profit organizations.